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Wound Care

Wound Care at Clinic

Patient empowerment with knowledge on diabetes foot care & wound management at clinic

We have qualified, knowledgeable, experienced staff nurses who are dedicated & passionate towards wound care & will do whatever necessary for faster healing of the wounds.

We understand your needs to find a suitable healthcare center to take care of the wound & its progress till healing.

We hear you well & proud as to be able to have dedicated, committed & experienced medical staff to assess, recommended, dress your wounds accordingly and even teach some simple techniques of dressing which can be done by own or family member.


Charges for the wound care is based on severity and area of the wound, minor surgical treatment ( desloughing , debridement ) and dressing types ( usage of special solutions, foams pads )

We do offer discounted rate if the wound requires daily dressing to ease your burden.

Our wound care service runs 7 days a week.


Maggot Debridement Therapy

The Alternative Wound Treatment

Maggots are medical grade larvae which is sterile and used in the medical field on non healing wounds to debride and speed up healing process. Maggots are place in the wound upon hatching from the egg on day1 and removed from the wound after 48-72 hours. Upon removal, the wound is cleaned and reassessed if second application is needed or require modern dressing.





Wound Assessment

Before we do a wound dressing, we will assess the wound carefully.

We study the colour, smell, size, depth and vascularity factor. If we find that the wound has bad odour, smelly, infected, has puss, poor blood flow and the skin has changed colour to black/gangrene, we will recommend the patient to see a doctor for prompt action to rectify the issues. We do not dress gangrenous & infected wounds!

Upon each visit, a photograph of the wound will be taken before dressing is done to follow up on the healing progress.

If the wound is sloughy, we will either use a modern dressing or recommend maggot debridement therapy which will be entirely the option of the patient.


The colour of the tissues at the wound can indicate different stages of healing.For example, if it is beefy red, it shows granulation is takng place.If it is pink in colour then we know epithelialization is occurring and these colour changes are on the right track of healing provided no the complication occurs such as tunneling or poor vascularitis. But if the dressing turns green, we know there is bacterial infection and we will advise the patient to see a doctor asap. In the meantime, we will cover the infection with silver dressing.

It is very important to assess the wound carefully so that any changes in the wound bed and surrounding will affect the healing process.


Wound Dressing

Cleaning & Simple Dressing of Wound

The wound is cleaned & soaked in special wound cleanser to kill any infective material, get rid of the bad odour & oxygenate the tissues at the wound bed. These kind of cleansers revitalize the tissues at the wound bed and promotes healing as well.

The wound edge will be taken care of so that the tissues surrounding the wound are in healthy condition and removal of hard skin including callus & corns will be carried out.

A simple dressing is a gauze dressing and require daily dressing change.